Friday, July 8, 2011

Spreading the word.

I find telling people about my obsession hobby, kinda uncomfortable. Some people find it interesting, others intimidating, others find it just plain weird. 'Really you sew? knit? crochet? How old are you?'

Sometimes though, there are benefits to letting people in on the secret. Like one of my regular customers who last night that informed me of a large stash of vintage patterns at a local Op Shop (I had only raided that particular stash just a few days earlier, but didn't tell her that for fear of loosing any future tips). Then there's the friends who very kindly forward the stash of patterns and fabric that they've received from relatives. While some are more size 18, than size 10, and some smell so terribly of mothballs that they need to be left out of the porch for a month, others include a great selection of super cute kiddy patterns.
This haul of goodies came via my mum and is from one of her quilting group friends. This friend has forwarded a number of goodies to me in the past, including a massive stash of fleece and ribbing which, going by the amount of fluoro yellow and green in it, is from the late 80's. Seriously, if you live near me and need any ribbing in any colour, just shoot me an email.
This haul also included a few super sweet pieces of eyelet cotton fabric.
Then there's this book. It's a monogrammed copy of The Cutters Guide, a very technical tailoring book from 1934. Seriously, this is so technical I feel like it's written in a different language. I'll hold onto it though because you never know if you'll be able to refer to it for something one day.

So tell me, do you tell others about your hobby?


  1. I get the same questions but I think people just see me as a little "unique" and just smile and nod! Lol I personally hate when people comment on something you're wearing, that you made, with "you should make me one. I'd love it"... I'd offer if I wanted to. Lol!

    However, sewing, crocheting, knitting seem to be dying arts :( but I'm hoping my stepdaughter follows along as I talked her into doing sewing at school and she's learning the satisfaction of a self-made item. And if I make her anything, I insisted she traces the pattern and we cut out together, so she learns the processes. She saw a pattern for a hoodie in my stash that she wants to try :) !!!!!

  2. Actually, the one I really, REALLY dislike is "but it would be so easy to just buy a dress" ahhhhhh! Missing the point!

  3. I think its sad that so many people think its weird to create and craft.I remember the 80s it wasnt something you announce much unless you really wanted to be seen as odd.These days I dont think its as bad,Least we are in a good place if anything happens to all the places other people buy there massed roduced items from.

  4. Quilting or "Patchworking" makes me feel old... but that's because most people don't know how cool and modern it is now! Whenever any of my family see something I've made they start with "you should sell those at the markets"... My Mum is a good one for being opinionated about how "you don't have time for crafting with 3 little kids" but when I make something she's impressed with then it's "You could sell those". It's OK for her as long as I can make money from it!

  5. I generally don't tell people. The select few that know I do are quite impressed by what I make, but there are others that know that just don't understand. What annoys me the most - my MIL she calls it 'needlework' and makes me sound 100. Another friend loves the clothes I make, but said "glad you don't make quilts, that is for losers." Ooops we will keep that one quiet.

  6. This is an issue I think a lot about. I do not tell most acquaintances that I sew. I don't want people to always ask me "Now, did you sew that?" and scrutinize what I'm wearing. But I would like others to sew and further the craft, so it's a difficult balance.

  7. I don't make a point of telling people I sew, sometimes they find out because they might admire something my daughters wear. I live in an extremely affluent area and people are beyond well dressed as are their kids. I'm talking Burberry to preschool! (remember i'm an expat and someone else pays for our house) I think they might find it bit odd that I sew. Craftiness is not cool here but I don't care. I can rock my sewn DKNY dress like it came out of the store so who cares.

  8. Hi just found your lovely blog...after your comment today. I have learnt to be brave about telling people that I sew/knit/crochet/make jam/all my other crafty adventures and find that most are really interested (you can tell those that aren't by the glazed look in their eye!). But the best part is that there are lots of us out there hiding under the radar, and when you come across another like minded soul it is just wonderful. That's why I say I've learnt to embrace my inner-hausfrau...say it loud and proud!


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