Sunday, July 17, 2011

Purple Lacy Gloves

I'm currently waiting for yarn to be delivered for my next crochet project. While I wait, I could be working on medallions for my blanket, but anyone who has worked on a slow burn project knows how hard it is to stay motivated.
I'm not sure how much wear these gloves will get, they don't actually keep my hands particularly warm, but they were quick and fun to make. Better yet, I managed to use a small scrap of yarn that I've been holding on to for about a year. In fact, I made two baby cardigans from this one ball, so I'm very happy to have enough for these.
I showed my husband these gloves when he got home from work. He requested I that perhaps I not wear them when we go out together. He didn't quite say it as politely as that though.
Regardless, it was something to do and the kids like them. Details ravelled here.


  1. Ah, the true honest husband, why do they open their mouths?? I was thinking he was going to say they'd be handy for plumbing & you could be his glam 80's apprentice?? I think they're great but i need warm here in Canberra & nothing so far can beat my red kid leather, silk lined gloves, sorry goats & silk worms. Love Posie

  2. These are so cute! Modern (seriously, they're everywhere) but not nasty or goth -like! You've used a great colour too!

    On that note, was it the colour that hubby didn't like or the glove overall? I have a (not nearly as nice) pair of these that I wear all of the time because they sort=of keep my hands warm but allow use of my fingers and quite frankly, I love them!

    And as they are looking a little worse for wear, they may be replaced by these soon... when I finish the scarf I'm working on (only 6 more rows!) with the leftover yarn. Nice!


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