Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Look 6025 - a very generous fit

I'm pretty happy to report that I've already cut into my Spotlight fabric. I purchased this rayon, which I'm still undecided if I like, to make another Pendrell blouse and the lovely sales person decided to throw in the end of the roll for me. So for the cost of an 80cm cut, I received a little over 2 meters - score!
New Look 6025 is a simple top pattern with different sleeve variations, which is far more generously sized than I thought it would be. Looking at the envelop image though, I should have realised it was big. I cut a size 8, the smallest in the envelop, and I think it would be hard to wear without an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. It is very , very low cut and the sleeves are huge.
Massively gaping sleeves!

I certainly don't think this quick sew was a waste of time though. After finishing the top I realised that simply modifying the shoulder seams, sewing them a little more generously than you are supposed to, would raise the neckline and solve the gaping sleeve issue.
This is the same top with the shoulder seams pinned an extra inch and a half. Perfect! Now the next time I make this I'll just need to trim 1.5 inches from the front and back shoulder, and modify the neck binding to fit. Easy peasy!


  1. Honey, you can wear anything & as for a bit of 'side boob' you just make me giggle. Love Posie

  2. Good fix and the colours are great.

    But never underestimate the power of a wardrobe malfunction to lift your day (she says sagely...) x


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