Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July

I'm normally not one to celebrate non-events like Christmas in July, but this past week has been a little Christmassy. First up, mum cooked a turkey on Sunday - yum! Then on Monday, the postman arrived with an arm full of parcels for me. This was then followed by a small shopping trip to help a friend purchase some fabric, during which time, one of two very small items may have accidentally fallen on the counter, followed by some cash - eek! I'm so glad my husband doesn't read this blog often, although I think I may have blabbed about all of these purchases.

So, do you want to see the goods? First up, some Liberty love!
I mentioned a while back that hubby had OK'd a purchase of Liberty and this is some of the haul. I just love the dark willow tree print on the top. It's so deep and rich. I am planning on making Simplicity 2180 with it, the sleeveless version with a full back. I'm hoping to pipe the yoke or some other details.

The next print down, the black one with flowers, will be used to make Vogue 1236, which is a DKNY design. Look, this dress isn't exciting, but it is my style, you know, loose fitting, pleats or gathers and worn with a belt. I have two similar summer dresses that are on high rotation during warmer weather, so I think this will be a winner.

The next fabric was a cart filler. I had picked something else but it was out of stock. I think I'll use it to line a jacket, possibly Vintage Simplicity 7032, if I ever get my hands on it, or something else. I'm not 100% on the colours of this, but I'm OK with that.

I have no plans for the grey Mitsi pictured on the bottom, but it's grey with a small scale, non-directional print, so I'm sure it will be put to use for summer.

This is the second lot of fabric. Some pieces were from Shaukat the others from The Fabric Store.
The top striped fabric was a remnant from The Fabric Store. It's a lovely lightweight cotton, which I think will be a lovely summer tank or top. Just something easy, like the tiny pocket tank or maybe the Collette Sorbetto.

The next print with the charcoal squiggly lines is from The Fabric Store. It's a silk cotton blend and is far, far nicer in real life. I'm thinking about making Burda 7517 with it or possibly something like this dress on the Tessuti blog, but using a pattern without all the seam lines on the bodice. I'll have to start researching.

The next print down is a silk cotton fabric from Shaukat. It's really quite light and drapey. I was planning on making a shift with a self drafted pattern inspired by Vintage Vogue 7165, but we'll see.

The last fabric, the blue swirly one is a Liberty jersey, which I am hoping to make New Look 6697.

So if my list of projects wasn't long enough before these recent shopping trips, then it definitely is now!

The postman also dropped off some lovely yarn and a new crochet hook so that I can also create some accessories for my summer wardrobe including the Short n Sweet cardi from the Happy Hooker.
So that's about all. Clearly it is a might big haul of goodies. Certainly enough to keep me busy!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Crazy coincidence, I bought the same grey and white silk cotton yesterday too!! You are right it really is beautiful in real life, I'm thinking of using it to make the colette macaron dress. One question for you, are you going to use the stripes horizontal or vertical?
    ps. love reading your blog!

  2. Hey Kate,

    You have a no reply blogger account so can't respond back to you directly. I was thinking about using the stripes horozontally, but am still undecided. I think I need to pick my pattern first. What are you going to sew with it?

  3. Looking forward to seeing what all of this becomes. I love that cardi as well - it will look great on you over summer dresses.

  4. Love your fabrics!!! Especially the top Liberty one - I've been wanting that for a while... Look forward to seeing your dresses.


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