Thursday, June 23, 2011

Progress and an interesting fabric find

Yesterday saw quite a bit of progress made on the list of WIPs. Including:

1. Bonnets finished and most sold - yay! Money to spend at the Quilt Show! (no photo)

2. Baby apron finished
Three buttons and button holes completed. Worn as intended over a daggy t-shirt to daycare.

3. Beignet skirt finished
Buttons, button holes, hem and top stitching completed. I was intending on wearing it today to the quilt show, but I think I need to wear comfortable shoes, just incase I need to race someone to a good find.

Now, to the interesting fabric find. I think most sewers in Australia are aware of a higher-end fabric outlet that has an online store. I have been drooling over one of their silks for some time, but have resisted purchasing because of the cost and the practicalities of caring for silk.

I believed most of their fabrics were quite exclusive, but then I stumbled upon this in a cheap fabric store in Sydney yesterday.
The man said it was silk. It looks and feels like silk. I'm pretty sure it's the same as the expensive one that I want, as I was at this expensive fabric store on Tuesday. It was just $15 per meter. SCORE!! I think I may make Vogue 8728 with it.


  1. Is this a cheap fabric store you've been to before? I have found identical fabric being sold in expensive city shops in cheap fabric stores before. Makes you wonder about mark ups.

  2. That's the same as one Tessuti have got for a lot more than $15 a metre... lucky you!! Where is this store??

  3. If you're truly interested in finding out if it's real silk or not you could try a burn test...
    It just takes a tiny bit from the edge of the fabric. Compare it to the man-made fibers ...
    I love your blog. I think you're fantastic! Keep up the good work. :)

  4. I haven't sewn with silks very often. Mainly lack of confidence and the fact it's a very expensive mistake of it doesn't turn out. I'm pretty new to the fabric scene so what is this store you talk of?


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