Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The ever-growing 'to sew' list

I realised just this week, that I have only five more weeks of uni holidays. That's five weeks of a few extra daycare days, some of which I'll have to myself, some to work and others for family commitments, but still more time than normal to tackle sewing projects.

While I've been on holidays, my sewing list has grown exponentially. Like quadrupled! So, in order to maximise my output during these weeks, I think I'm going to set myself a bloggy challenge.  I'm going to sew at least one dress per week for the next five weeks. Exciting right?? I'm one of those goal oriented people, once I'm aiming for something, things get done, so this is the best idea for using some of my recent fabric purchases.

I should note that this personal challenge also includes finishing up all the UFOs that I noted in this post, except the silk skirt, that one will be put in the wardrobe until I think it's worth it.

So my sewing list for the next few weeks includes:

1. Vintage Simplicity 5034 Back Wrap Dress
I've had a head start on this frock, as I started it a little over a week ago, so I may actually make a 6th item during my last few weeks of holidays to make up for it. The project stalled as I was unhappy with the sleeves and the darts weren't working so great. Since then I've fixed the bodice darts (it was my fiddling with them that ruined them) and the sleeves now work. Hopefully this will be finished tomorrow.

2. Vintage 1970's Simplicity 7882
I intend on making this frock out of double gauze from Nani Iro, which is pictured. Clearly this is a summer frock, but I think I should still be able to wear it with a slip and tights when cold, so it seems OK to be on my current 'to do' list.

3. Vintage Simplicity 3523
I'm so in love with the slim line frock style in this pattern. The dress has princess seams, kimono sleeves and a cute front pocket. I have purchased this lovely Japanese cotton for the dress from Tessuti and while it's quite textured and a little heavier than I would have liked, I think it will still work. I like the idea of vintage style dresses in modern fabric, just like this one I made earlier this year. I'm really looking forward to making this dress in particular, so might make a toile this week.

4. Vogue 8728 - vintage re-issue
I haven't always planned to make this dress, but I think this pattern is nice. I also know that I won't have as much anxiety cutting in to this fabric as I didn't pay excessively for. I need to wait for this pattern to be delivered though, so this dress probably won't make it off the production line for a few weeks.

5. Vogue 8469
I think this will make a good work dress. I have a big prac teaching block coming up at the end of the year, so need to make sure there are nice, easy to wear and care for clothes in my wardrobe. Seriously, how on earth will I get all three kids fed and dressed with lunches packed each day before 8am?? The fabric pictured is a lovely stretch cotton sateen, from Tessuti. As I need to wait for this pattern to arrive, this may not begin for a few weeks.

Other items that I'd like to fit in during this time, but it's not likely:

6. Knock-off Emerson Made jeans.
I now have denim, so once I get time, I can begin trying to make these.

7. Tea dress
Simplicity 2180, sleeveless with a full back, reminds me of this stunning dress style by SoHo Made on Etsy. I think it would look lovely made up in this Japanese dobby cotton by Nani Iro, which you can get from Matabi. Clearly though, this would be a summer frock and not very work-friendly, so it would be silly to commit to making this right now.

8. A cape for me
I've been thinking about making a cape for a while. I have the above pictured wool in my stash, which I purchased last year from My Hung. I have been searching the Internet for a cape pattern which I can modernise, so I don't feel too odd wearing a cape, but nothing yet. I do own a cape pattern that was given to me, but it's from 1981 and that's just too hard to make cool, unless you are 17 or something. Tessuti released their New York cape pattern last week and I like the styling, but am not sure about the binding.  Do you have any suggestions for a cape pattern? What do you think about capes on adults, are they cool or not-cool?

9. The UFO gift for a friend.
I mentioned this frock in this post. It must get made for this particular friend before her belly grows so much she can't wear it.

10. Jacket for Adele
I've had this pattern and fabric for over a year now. I should make this for her before winter ends right??

So there it is, my sewing wish to-do list. I think it's ambitious for the time that I have, but now that it's here, hopefully it will get done. At a minimum, I will sew at least 5 frocks over the next five weeks. Hopefully the next time I'm back here I'll have the first dress to show you.

Happy sewing!


  1. Ah....adult cape goodness!! You have remind me to go and have a look on Etsy for inspiration...I have added some to my favourites...I like the ones for the little hand slits for adults! Alyce and I have been debating lately about the adult cape and whether we could pull it off...I say YES but the style has to be right! I don't really like the tessuti cape...but that's just me!!

  2. *reminded* it's still way too early in the morning for me!

  3. I like the idea of capes, I have a junky knitted one from Zara I bought in NY but have hardly worn because I don't think it's flattering for my shape. One thing that bothers me is that are really unpractical as far as carrying a bag.

  4. Wow. You've committed yourself to a few things. I've never had the panache to pull off a cape but that's just me. I have made the uptown coat twice (for each of the twins). I used 3M thinsulate, that you can buy by the metre here, between the layers and it made a good autumn coat in Montreal.

  5. I remembered earlier today that I also had a grey knit cape but no armholes, completely enclosed. I did like that one because it wasn't so a-line like my Zara one (which is open and has ties at the neckline). I must have shipped it off to a charity shop years ago. i haven't had a chance to look at the Tessuti one yet.

  6. I love Simplicity 7882 and wish I could find a copy of it for myself. My Mom had two dresses from this pattern when I was a kid, both in a soft cotton. One was full length and she only wore it during Spring and Summer. But the second one, which was short, she wore in the colder months as well. She wore tights and a "winter slip" under it. (I wish I could find a photo.)

    Anyway, I asked her and she said the short dress was in a brushed cotton that had a bit more weight to it, which is why she could wear it in colder weather.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of all of your projects, but especially this one.

    Great blog!


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