Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Tova and MMJ Catch Up

So I've crammed some time at the machine to make another Tova. Seriously, I love this pattern. Even though it's just a loose fitting tunic or top, there's something about the way that the fabric drapes from the front yokes that makes it quite flattering, almost giving a little definition to the waist without being fitted.
This one is made from Japanese cotton with a woven check. I picked this fabric up from the Quilt show last week, so naturally it wasn't cheap. In defence of this purchase and the cost, I know this Tova will be an easy go-to outfit.
I cut the front yoke on the bias for a little interest. I'm very pleased with how well this tunic turned out and I was able to sew it up during two nap breaks - so less than 3 hours over two days.
I also cut the sleeve bands on the bias. I wore this dress yesterday to the park with the family for a BBQ and it was easy to wear and comfortable enough to sit and run and have fun.

Now to Me Made June. Look I'm going to be honest, I'm losing momentum with this. While I would love to wear handmade every day, it's not always practical and I feel like I'm wearing the same outfits over and over again. I think this type of challenge would be far easier in Summer, as most of my sewing is for warmer weather. I'm also struggling to take photos every day. Sometimes the kids don't allow me the time to sneak upstairs for a pic and sometimes I don't do my hair or make up, and I'm really not cool with posting completely unstyled photos on my blog.

Anyway, I'll persevere. I'm almost at the end.

Sunday 26 June - BBQ at the park with the family
New Tova in Japanese cotton, as described above

Saturday 25 June - Play date at the park with friends
New denim Beignet skirt. I haven't blogged my pattern review of this skirt as I'm not 100% happy with it. I started making it a couple of months ago when Rachel bought the pattern. I chose a size based on my waist size, then quickly realised it was going to be too big everywhere else. So it sat and collected dust for a while.
Thanks to last weeks UFO post, I finally forced myself to finish it. I had to re-shape the hips and reduce the size of the front panels. I also shifted the buttons as far as I could to get a better fit. I think I've also lost some weight in the last couple of months which didn't help my fitting concerns. As I had already given the pattern back to Rach, I guessed the number of buttons and made my own belt carriers without the instructions.

It's a wearable skirt, but I definitely made the wrong size and didn't pay enough attention to detail to make it an awesome skirt. Maybe next time.

Friday 24 June - No photo! No handmade. It was just too hard today after a  bad night with Adele.

Thursday 23 June - Quilt Show
Comfort was critical today as I knew I'd be walking all day. I accessorized my outfit with my Queen Anne's Lace scarf, blogged here. (Look at that mess behind me!)

Wednesday 22 June - UFO day
Flannel Tova. This is super warm and easy to wear. Details blogged here.

Tuesday 21 June - Coffee with friends and a little fabric shopping
Denim skirt blogged here. Styled the same as here. This is such an easy outfit to wear. I'll post later about my fabric acquisitions!


  1. I love your new Tova, and I agree- it's such a good pattern. I haven't felt comfortable in the dress yet though, but whenever I see pictures of yours I think I'll have to get over my issues and try again!

  2. That Tova pattern looks great on you and you've rocked it as your own! I love your new version especially!


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