Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yep - I've changed.

Last night, I got cross with my husband, because he dared to help me sort out the 8 baskets of clean clothes that had accumulated in the front room. I didn't realise till then, how completely stressy I've become with how I like things done. I actually like clothes folded, not just put away, and after 15 years he still can't fold towels the way I like (half, half, thirds).

I used to be a wild child, a party girl, a little more trouble than your regular peep. But now, I'm more Martha Stewart, than Paris Hilton.....Yep - I've changed.

Mostly for the better, but I think I need to relax a little. I think part of this stress is due to university work. I can't wait until next Tuesday night, when my final essay for the semester will be handed in. Once semester is finished, I'll enjoy a bunch of child-free, sewing days- yipee! Some bloggers talk about having a sewcation (sewing-vacation), but I'll have one every week - hooray!!

So while there's been a distinct lack of sewing blogging lately, stick with me, there's a heap more to come.

Now as every post needs a photo, here's one for you.
Just incase you don't know what this is, it's a swivel sweeper. In addition to the lovely fabric gift that my mum gave me for my birthday, she also bought me one of these and I must say I was just as excited when I got it! (Yep - I've changed). With three little kids and lots of little sewing threads to collect from the ground, it's quite a nifty little invention to have around the house. Thanks mum!

Anywho, that's enough babbling for this post. I have a university assessment presentation that begins in 20 mins.....


  1. I like to fold my towels the same way, if that makes you feel any better! I have had to learn to relax a bit with things are done - but I still know how I would LIKE them to be done! Enjoy your sewcation days once they arrive.

  2. Yah! Is the swivel sweeper good? I've never known anyone who has one but I think it would be perfect for me.
    What do you think?

  3. Know what you mean. I always end up snapping at my husband when we make the bed together! Sad but true.
    Good luck for your end of term assessments and happy sewing during your holidays.


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