Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Blanket Tova

I finished this dress last night and I think it's rather wild and a wee bit funny. Does it look like a blanket to you?? It does to me, but I still plan on wearing it.
It's made with my lovely Tova pattern (which I adore!) and the fabric is flannelette!! Seriously, I never thought I'd make a dress out of flannelette, but I also never thought I'd ever find flannelette that I could ever make an daytime appropriate garment from.
The fabric is from one of those shops that's popped up on Etsy with a bunch of cheap fabric from Asia. This fabric is from is called Cottonholic .They have a few more fabric styles that I quite like.
Look the quality of the fabric isn't awesome, but it's more than adequate for this dress. When you hold the fabric to the light, you can see the weave is a little patchy, the print is a little blotchy on some colours and the grid pattern was printed a little off grain, making matching the fabric extra tedious. But still, I matched the fabric pretty well - check out the sleeve caps and front yoke matching. Genius - I tell you!
This dress has definitely come together nicer than my first Tova. I had no fabric problems like last time, meaning the collar has come out perfectly. The sleeve caps are also set in, possibly the best that I've ever done. The trick this time was to use my 1/4 quilting foot with the needle set as far left as possible. This created a consistent, but scant 3/8 seam.

This dress reminds me a little of a Snuggie, but maybe a little more fashionable.
The back of the Tova is a little generous, as you can see from this photo. I'm thinking I may still take in the side seams a little, or run some bias tape and elastic on back waist to add a little definition.

But other than that, it's done. Mmmmmm warm and toasty!


  1. Would look great with uggies!!!!! :-)

  2. I really, really like it. Love the tova!

  3. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful matching line of black(?) across the garment. Great matching! Cherrie

  4. Wow! That came out so beautiful! It looks great on you!

  5. Oooh I love this. What a great winter look. I am starting to think that I might need this pattern which has to be the most expensive pattern in the world

  6. I love it! Great with tight and black boots! I think flannelette is very trendy at the moment and that flannel is nice, not at all lumberjackish. LOVE IT might have to make one for me!

  7. Impressive cutting and check matching! I like the idea of a little elastic at the back too.

  8. I long for some flannel in my life on these very cold days. Have never really thought about wearing it any other way than in Pj's.

    Love your bio by the way, I also have a husband that pretends to care :)

  9. Love it - you are a cracker:) Hope that you are having a great time and that Sunny QLD as turned it on for you.

  10. I really like the plaid dress the way the dark stripe on the sleeves are lined up with the strip on the dress.
    I like the style also.


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