Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tova top

I've managed to squeeze in a little sewing time this weekend and it feels soooooo good!

First up - a Tova. I had already made a muslin of this last week, so knew I should make a size small. Extra small still fit, but was a little snug across the back.
It comes together really quickly and is an amazingly flattering shape. Great for hiding any bulges without being too baggy.
The hardest part was ensuring the corners of the yoke were square. The easiest way I found to do this, is to begin at one of the corners and sew across the gathered part, the pivot up to the top of the yoke. Then return to the corner you began at and sew up - easy peasy.
The shoulders set in nicely, but I did have to unpick them once. The pattern calls for 1cm or 3/8 inch seams, which I forgot about when setting the sleeves the first time and they came up a little tight.
The only other problem I had was with this fabric. It's a viscose, which naturally doesn't take very well to ironing. I ended up top-stitching the collar before stitching it down. Which isn't ideal and made the collar just slightly bumpy in one place. Luckily the fabric hides everything, which you may be able to tell from these bad photos.

There will be many of these tops and a few dresses made this winter. I probably won't use my Liberty Lantana for one though. I've already decided a pattern for it.


  1. It looks great on - I now have pattern lust - might have to sell a beanie or two so I can buy it:)

  2. Its lovely, you'd look good in a hessian bag though. I am looking forward to trying it!

  3. Hi, I love your blog, and your sewing, you are very skilled and make some lovely dresses! I've made some patterns after seeing your version made up. I have just ordered the Tova pattern and am about to buy some Lantana. I was wondering what pattern you plan to sew your Liberty in if not the Tova? Thank you.

    Sam :)


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