Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is a sewing blog, right??

It's been a while since I posted about anything sewing related. Looking back it's been over two weeks - eeekk! So despite the business, stress and drama of life, I allocated myself 1 hour of sewing time on Monday night, to treat myself for making it through the day without going completely nuts.

Even though I have two unfinished projects waiting for my attention, I knew I needed to work on a quick and easy project. Something that I could start and finish in one sitting. Here it is.
This sweet little dress is made with the new Wonderland pattern by Toni at Make it Perfect. I just love the ribbon trim around the hem and the sleeves. It makes this dress so quick to make.

I won this pattern last week and it arrived on Monday. Perfect timing for a little quick sewing and Adele just happens to need a dress to wear this weekend to a little, pre-Easter party we are attending.

I made the dress with just half a meter of this lovely fabric from Clothworks called Le Jardin Butterfly. I managed to squeeze it from such a small cut, by lining the dress in a different fabric.
Clearly, the dress was a breeze to make. It was pretty much all completed except for the hem (for measuring purposes) within 1 hour, including tracing. The only tricky parts were attaching the sleeves, as there is a little resistance against the bodice when attaching, and the pleats do take a little time to get neat. But the result is fantastic and did I mention super cute??

Looking forward to more sewing time. I might be able to squeeze another hour in over the weekend.


  1. Very sweet and lovely :) I do like the pleating detail in the front.

  2. Beautiful! And lucky you to win the pattern :)

  3. That is such pretty fabric. And a beautiful dress too!

  4. The dress looks lovely. Just the sewing tonic for an interesting week you've been having.

  5. So cute! You have got to love quick patterns!

  6. I tested that pattern for Toni and I agree, it is a cute dress pattern. It looks great on your little model too!


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