Friday, April 29, 2011

Mummy and me

So I have a friend who's been on my back about 'Mummy and me' sewing since I found out Adele was going to be a girl. I've resisted until now.
This dress isn't particularly special, except that it's made with the same fabric as this dress. I only had a thin remnant to work with, which limited my options. I think this will  be super cute for cooler weather with tights and a long sleeve tee underneath.
Adele is proving quite difficult to photograph these days. In these photos, I've perched her on a small side table to try to get her to stay in one place.

I only a few more weeks of university before I get to enjoy a few long months off - can't wait!!

I also have my Liberty dress and Vogue 8028 cut. I just need to get some time at the machine. Unfortunately, even though I have tonight off work, I'm being made to go to a girls only, royal wedding party - poor me!! I think I might try to dig out an old wedding frock to wear - why not right? Are you watching the Kate and Will's wedding tonight??


  1. I love that fabric. I kept looking at it in the fabric store but just couldn't think of what it should be sewn into. Simple is truly the best. Darling. And yes! I am going to watch at least part of the wedding with my girls. I watched Diana marry Charles and was floored by the pagentry. Looking forward to seeing if this wedding is as dramatic or more so.

  2. The fabric makes this such a sophisticated dress for a little gal.

  3. Hehe, I made a Mummy and Me top the same as the navy and white striped one I made for myself recently. Unfortunately Layla was asleep at the time and it really is too tight and a bit short. I went back to Remnant Warehouse to get some more today, but it was ALL GONE :(. I guess I will have to try again with another fabric.
    Disclaimer - I had no intention of wearing our tops at the same time.

  4. How fabulous is that fabric? I would so dig an adult sized dress that looked like that.

    PS. 'Perching' small fry in my house never works out anything less than disastrous for me. You did WELL.

  5. Great fabric and I agree will look very sweet with tights and a little top underneath:)


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