Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest we forget...

That it's my birthday today!!!! Yipeee!!!! We actually celebrated my birthday yesterday with a small party at mums house.

Look at the fab cake my sister made for me. My own sewing machine cake, complete with bright pink pin cushion. The design is based on one from the Woman's Weekly cake book.
There does appear to be a few extra nobs and buttons on it. Maybe this is a better model with more features than my machine. Husband thought it was a Kitchen Aid cake.

Happy family!

The gathering at mums was extra fun for the kids, as they got to enjoy the evening playing in the empty cardboard box.
Adele in the box

Cousin Jett in the box.

Earlier yesterday, the kids got their choccies and began eating straight away.

Then we headed to the Family Show at Fox Studios.
Happy kid.

Happy kid.

Sad kid.

Don't be fooled by his smile, this ride was terrible. Round and round and round and round for about 5 mins - ugg!

It made me regret those few wines over dinner the night before. (Look at the difference in photography skills. This is why I use an auto timer to take sewing photos.)

Hope you are all enjoying your super long weekend. My husband is getting a leave pass to go down to the local RSL for two-up at lunch time, then a few friends will join us for a BBQ tonight. I can't believe we still get another day off!

Note: Sorry - I'm not wanting to offend. Today is ANZAC day, so we do take the time to remember all those who've fought for our country. It's not all about me.



    The cake is cool, especially the pin cushion with candles. Says a lot about our lives now that we are only associated with domestic appliances (sewing machine, kitchenaid...).

    Sounds like you've had a fun couple of days, hope James' day improves. A little Nurafen for his sore neck will make him feel better.


  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you are enjoying the day. Thanks for the 'husband' photo too, makes me feel a little bit better about my husbands photography skills, lol. And don't be sorry. It is your birthday. It wouldn't be right to be solemn every birthday just because it falls on the 25th of April.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a fabulous day for you!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    It looks like you're already having a fabulous day, but I hope the rest of it is just as good!

  5. Happy Birthday Christy :) Great cake!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the super long long-weekend!

  6. I suspect it was your hubby who went to town adding extra doo-dads to the sewing machine - or our brother!

  7. Your cake is so cute! I love you blog. Yes have the pattern to the little sunsuit too.

    Hello. I also follow you GFC. Please follow me.


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