Monday, March 21, 2011

Why make three, when you can make five??

More stashbustin' has been happening here, with denim jodhpurs made for five cute, little kiddies.
I've had this rather large remnant of lightweight, stretch denim lying around since I stopped selling kids clothes at the markets. This denim is rather nice, but not a colour that I'd wear.
The kids need simple pull-on pants for daycare, and these jodhpurs are just a little more quirky, than regular straight leg pants.
So, rather than just make them for my kiddies, I also made two extras for a friend. This is the same friend who is making PJ tops for the kids to match the leggings that I finished last week.
I just love the little mock vents and I even sewed buttons on ALL of these pants. Now my friend will have to return the favour by snipping the loose threads from the tees that she makes for me.
I've made this pattern a few times. It is from Ottobre 3/2010  and it comes together super quick. The only modification I made to the pattern is to slightly lower the front rise on the boys pants. As the pattern only goes up to size 92, I scaled the pattern up for Ollie and added quite a bit of length.
Look at these cheeky monkeys! The aren't supposed to horse around on the lounge! Yeehaar!

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