Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The school photo dress

Not a real school photo dress, but the Oliver & S School Photo Dress for my little girl.
How cute are those little pig tails??
Always playing with cars. Is she really a girl??

I just adore Oliver & S patterns and this one is no exception. They all have unique details that make them extra special. For this dress it's the sweet collar and the kangaroo pocket.
The instructions on Oliver & S patterns are quite detailed, great for a beginning sewer, but not so great for people like myself who skip through instructions only to find that one small detail has been constructed incorrectly and kinda impacts the finish of the dress. Thankfully, this time I just placed the collar a little off from its proper location and was able to unpick and re-assemble quickly. You think I'd have learnt this lesson right??
I've had this quilters cotton in my stash for a while. I just adore how rich and dark it looks, with just a hint of teal and red popping out. Unfortunately I think it may be a bit too dark for a little girl. I was toying with putting some piping along the bottom of the yoke but didn't. Maybe when the weather cools and she has tights and shoes on, it will look a little less serious.
The only modification I made to the pattern ( intentional modification), was to slightly reduce the height in the ruffle collar by about half an inch. As Adele is quite little I thought a higher collar would look a little too costumey.
Look at that squinty over smile!

I'll definitely make this again, possibly from a lighter coloured fabric and possibly with some contrasting panels.


  1. Great work, the dress is beautiful! As is that squinty smile!! Adorable!!

    I am in love with the new family reunion dress...I may have to invest in that one :-)

  2. It will be perfect in winter with tights or even jeans. I love kiddies in real kids clothes..not the mini adult versions in the chain stores. Well done!

  3. It looks adorable! I love the collar!


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