Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space.

This is the real space. The space where most of my creativity takes place. It's finally starting to look like a real sewing room, now that I've ebayed most of the odds and ends that have been stored up there for the past two years. Naturally, I cleaned up considerably for these photos.

Now I am lucky to have a very large creative space, but don't get too jealous as it won't be for long. The husband and I are planning on moving up here in the next few months, as it is really a bedroom. Typical, just as things are starting to look good, I'll get shoved back into a tiny bedroom. I won't complain though, as I know many sewers don't have a separate space... So here's the tour.
This is a sweet little chest that I recently received from my husbands grandparents. It has replaced the large Ikea units that I've photographed in front of before. The grandparents live only one street away and we are very close. They received it as an engagement present, just prior to the war. I love that this is an original condition piece of furniture with a little family history.
It holds my patterns, which neatly fit into these two drawers (it was made to be!), my scrap basket and random pieces of quilting fabric.
This bookcase holds more odds and ends, as well as pattern books, stationary and my Golden Hands magazine collection.
This is my fabric stash for making garments. Some are remnants from other projects (I just can't bring myself to throw them out, even if they're too small to use for another garment), other pieces are left over from when I sold kids clothes, some are specifically for muslin's, others were gifts. Many are assigned to projects, but I'm just waiting for time or the need to get stuck into them.
The spare bed, which is the other purpose for the sewing room. Yep - I made the quilt too. It's not something I do often, but it sure is a rewarding sewing  project.
This is the table where things are made. Sewing tables need to be big, so that everything you might need is at hand.
The grandparents also recently gave me these pigeon hole shelves, which I think may have come from a Qantas office somewhere. They are super handy and perfect for storing little knick knacks.
The cutting table, with a stack of fabric for bonnets and patterns that I'm hoping to use soon. Again, this is another hand-me-down piece of furniture from the family.
The ironing board and bonnet stand. Probably not the highlight of the room.

So there you go, my real creative space. Hopefully I'll be able to steal a few creative moments in it later today. For other creative spaces, head over to Kirsty's.


  1. Oh how I would love to have my own sewing room!... one day. Love your blog header:)

  2. Oh how perfect - you can take a nap when you just can't sew one more stitch!

  3. You are so lucky to have such a huge space! I quite like that cupboard - we have a very similar one that we painted white. It's nice to be able to date it now.

  4. gorgeous sewing chest, what a lovely stash

  5. You are indeed blessed to have a great space (if only for a little while). It looks like a wonderful room to create in.
    I have the same type of cupboard that you got from your husbands grandparents, only the drawer configuration inside is different.


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