Thursday, April 29, 2010

My creative space

This week it's about getting cracking on orders and finishing some older projects.

Since seeing these awesome crochet goodies here, I've decided to have a go at making Adele some overalls. Basically, I'm winging my way through making some pants, then will add a bib and straps. These will by no means be as fancy as the Teeny Tiny ones, but should be nice for winter. What you can see here is a waist band and the top of the pants, legs should follow soon.
The cardigan shown a few weeks ago here, is now more unfinished than before. My lovely first child decided to unravel it early one morning. I'm determined to finish this within the week.... hopefully

I'm also working on finishing a few more boys pocket pants...

And this new green dress is a recent distraction. Do you find that when you have orders banked up, it's even easier to find new things to do?? I found this awesome green cord at Spotlight yesterday and it was singing out to me. This dress was knocked up last night, hopefullly it'll also be finished tonight, just needs buttons and a big kangaroo pocket like my other recent designs .

 For more creative spaces, head over to Kirsty's.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shop updated!

Yay!! New styles added to my shop including vests and new denim and corduroy pinnys with super cool, super large, super stylish treasure pockets!!

More to come tomorrow - hopefully!

I'm no so cool

I've never thought I was particularly cool, but today I've re-affirmed I am indeed, not cool at all. What brought on this realisation you ask?? Well I went out shopping for jeans. When did this become such a difficult task? I walked around to almost every shop with no success - everything is too low, tight, skinny or shiny. Alternatively, the music is too loud or too irritating or the pram with sleeping babe won't fit through the store....

I came home without jeans, but did impulse buy some bed linen that I've been coveting since, well, forever! And in an extremely out of character move for me, it wasn't even on sale!!!
It's a classic Orla Kiely print set which is in my colours! It was made for me and now it's mine - yay!!

Hopefullly it'll be on my bed by the end of tomorrow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sick, sick, sick

No not the cool type of sick, just the regular, awful, draining type of sick - that's my family right now.

Ollie and James have a terrible cough/cold with super high, persistant fevers and last night Adele had an exorcist moment, which now hubby is suffering from. Thankfully I'm still standing, but I'm really, really, really, REALLY looking forward to life getting back to normal

Now that the markets have finished again for another month, I'll be listing a few new items in my shop over the next few days, like this adorable little dress complete with grosgrain ribbon trim and belt.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Myrtle the Turtle

Originally uploaded by little betty designs
Hooray!! My pin cushion partner, Cam from Curly Pops, received her little helper and she likes it!!

I must say I've really enjoyed crocheting the little fella and the boys loved it so much they requested their own little friends.

Heres Ollie having one final play before it went in the post.

I loosely followed this pattern and worked with 4ply cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills.

Thanks again Kate for organising the swap.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Whoopie pies

So what did you do this lovely relaxing Sunday??

Well I made Whoopie pies! No seriously, that's what they're called. I remember watching Martha last year where she made them and my husband decided they were going to be one of the conditional food items for me to make once I got my Kichen Aid mixer, along with pizza dough naturally...

Anywho - they are AWESOME!!

I followed the Martha Stewart reciepe from here before I realised I was making ALOT of pies. I ended up with over 20 sandwiches, so we'll be eating them for a few days. I didn't sandwich them with marshmellow or her frosting though, as it all seemed a bit hard, so I used a lovely butter cream instead.

I highly recommend them if you need a yummy, squishy, sweet treat.

Now I've been trying to upload the photos of my whoopie pies for two days now and something is wrong with the process. Believe me though, they are good and they look just like Marthas. Will hopefully be able to show the finished result soon. :) Bloody computers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ready, get vest, go!

Just to show you all how cool vests are, I thought I'd give you a little demonstration.

These are two regular boys. They have no vests. They are sad...

And SHAPOWW!!! Vests make cool!! How rockin' are these boys!!
Now I should note that Ollie is size 3 wearing a size 2 and James is size 2 wearing size 1, which is why they are a little snug. I realised just prior to the photo that I'd grabbed the wrong sizes, but my opportunity to capture the moment was very quickly fading...

Can you tell I was standing in front of the TV to get the pic??

Now I promise I'll stop carrying on about vests..

In other news, the postman delivered a nice surprise today, a lovely pin cushion from the Fox Lane swap made by Leah from Shaun the Prawn.
Thanks so much Leah! It's so sweet and fits the bill quite nicely:)

You can never have enough pin cushions I say - one for the ironing board, cutting table, left of machine, right of machine and so forth. I think this one will feature in a prime position, left of machine!!

I also shipped off my pin cushion yesterday and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I hope my swap partner likes it!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogging about a blog post - Crochet goodness

I just saw these awesome crocheted goodies over at Pottymouthmama and I am in LOVE!! You can see the whole collection here at Teeny Tiny.
I wish I could make jackets like these for the boys and I LOVE the dungarees and dresses.
Might head over to Ravelry and see what patterns I can find and start playing with colours...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My creative space

"See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest"... nah not really, but I've been singing this jingle from the Simpsons, during the construction of these babies.

I LOVE vests at the moment and so do my boys. Ollie keeps walking around saying "Somebodys poisoned the waterhole!", which for those without kids is one of Woody's lines from Toy Story.

Also in my creative space, cut dresses waiting to be constructed - so many colour combinations waiting to happen!
An almost finished cardigan...
And this neglected project which will be completed today! My pincushion needs to be in the post tomorrow!!

Head over to Kirsty's for more creative spaces....

Monday, April 12, 2010


Assignments finished and ready to be sent, means I'm free once again - hip hip hooray!!

To celebrate, I quickly whipped up this adorable little vest for Ollie last night. I've received a number of vest requests in the last few months and I think this little rockin version will surely impress. I just have a few more mods to make to the pattern, then I'll make a few more for my shop.This is our choo choo train photo from this morning - I'm still working on getting all three kids to look at the camera.
They boys are obsessed with cuddling Adele at the moment.
Now I really need to addres the pile of cut, half finished garments on the floor of my sewing room - oh and fill the last of those orders I've been neglecting....oh and go to the park and play, cook dinner, clean the floors, fold the clothes, etc, etc, and so forth :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Op shop gold!!

Unfortunately I'm bogged down doing homework again. But to reward myself for finishing one assignment, Adele and I treated ourselves to a trip to the local Op shop and were surprised to find a 50% off sale - yippee!!
Better yet we scored some awesome treasure including the Readers Digest complete guide to sewing and to needlecraft - both are perfect references to keep (a friend recently purchased the complete guide to sewing for $30, so my $1 version is looking like a mighty fine purchase!!)

I also got a funny old 'Good Housekeeping' book about home freezing, which if it's useful may mean more frozen home cooked meals this winter and more sewing time for me.
Naturally no trip to the op shop would be complete without getting a few vintage patterns and pieces of linen. I love these jackets and the house coats, which I'll hopefully find the time to make for Ollie and James this winter.

OK, that's enough procrastinating now, I must start reading about baroque art again...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New dress

A snuck in a little more sewing last night and finished off this adorable little dress. It's made in a beautiful robins egg blue pinwale corduroy and trimmed in an awesome brown fabric with cute little birds and flowers, which I think might be Kokka. I've also included chartruese trim on the pocket and the binding.

I am totally in LOVE with this dress and the flutter sleeves are ADORABLE!
A good friend gave me some lovely pieces of 'scrap' fabric and this was one of the many gems in the collection - thanks again Rach!! I think I'll be saving the rest of it for new pair of overalls for Adele.
In other more exciting news, my big sister had a baby boy this morning!!
Yay to becoming an aunty again!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pincushion progress...

I'm waiting for another shipment of yarn from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. I thought it would arrive by this weekend to start new projects, but alas it did not arrive. Nor did the replacement element for my oven!

So with no oven to cook and no new yarn to start projects, I decided to get cracking on my pin cushion. What do you think it is?? My swap partner loves pink, red and orange. I'm still trying to find something red and orange to add to it. I must get cracking - it's due next week.
Hope you all had a fab long weekend :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New pants, new do

So I've been sneaking a little sewing in at night time. I've half finished my orders, but thought I needed to make something for the boys, it has been a while...

These new pants are so awesome I could cry!! I modified my pattern for Oliver as he's such a skinny minny. I've trimmed them, lowered the rise a little and deepened the pockets. They are made out of an awesome inky blue black cord and trimmed with an Anna Maria Horner olive and orange dot fabric. Now while I love a novelty trim on kids clothes to give them an element of fun, I don't think it's always necessary and this clash of colours is super cool. I have about 4 more pairs of pants cut out for the boys which I hope to finish sometime soon, though this week's sewing time is being allocated to homework again - two more assignments due next Monday - boo!! I also took the boys to get their hair tidied up this week and came home with James looking like this...
I asked for a trim.... oh well. I think it was time for him to start looking like a little boy anyway.