Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Adele started to get cranky at dinner time recently. We thought initially it was just a typical 'witching hour' whinge and ignored it. But the other day I gave her a piece of zucchini and she wolfed it down. The next day a piece of tomatoe, again the same results. I know this is a slightly unconventional start to solids, but the rules do change with baby no. 3.

She LOVES food, especially when she can feed herself. She's only 5 months old, so we are taking it slow, but it's hard to ignore that this is what she wants.This is breakfast this morning. Just a plain piece of bread, which she's demolishing. It's so funny to watch, she's so tiny!

I stayed up way too late last night sewing up orders from the weekend, including two new smock sets. I ran out of my awesome paisley fabric, but these two look equally nice.They'll be shipped off to new homes this weekend. I think one little girl needs hers for a party on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studying, not sewing - again!!!

Gahh - I'd rather be sewing than studying, but part of having limited time to study means planning your studying and beginnning assignments two weeks before they're due, so you can get them done before 'the night before they are due'.

I should explain that I'm not enjoying my study right now, only because I have to complete two undergraduate subjects that are outside of my field of knowledge to qualify for my Masters. These are two proper Arts subjects - you know looking at and interpreting art. While I am a creative person, I'm not arty, so I am finding these subjects quite challenging and (I hate to say) painful.

So if anyone knows much about Baroque art or Freudian psychoanalysis in relation to advertising, I'd appreciate any help!

In other news, I've updated my shop with some new boys cords and girls pinny's.

These are of two of my brightest designs. I love these boys cords. I don't think little boys should wear so much brown and grey. I say teal pants are a 'must have' for every little boy this winter.

Oh - and I really must get started on my pin cushion!! I have the design in my head I just need to start it....

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying to save money...

By not cutting James' hair. Well not really, I just tell myself and others that when the topic arises. He has such adorable blonde hair, but it's getting a little unmanageable - not only do we need bobby pins to keep it out of his eyes, but on warm days like today we also need to tie it up.

I think I'm going to have to do something sometime soon...

Happy Sunday to all!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrappy kids in the morning

I always think it's funny how scrappy my kids look in the morning. They scrub up OK once fed and dressed, but first thing they look like a bunch of orphans.
Adele looks less scrappy than the boys as she coated herself in mashed banana and had to be dressed first.
This morning I discovered a new favourite morning food, 'egg balls' AKA hard boiled eggs. They are a huge hit - I highly recommend to other mum's of toddlers.

No sewing yesterday or last night, despite having a few orders to fill and having the markets this Saturday - eek!! The garbage man took James' dummy away on Wednesday night, which unfortunately means a little less sleep for the rest of us....zzzzzz....

Having three kids so young is hard work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My creative space

I'm not going to lie to you - my creative space is a MESS!!

Garbage is overflowing... Scraps all over the floor....
Thankfully that means I've been working. I'm finishing some awesome new boy pants for market this weekend - in the most requested 'size 2'!! I love the teal and red pants- I think I'll have to make a pair for James.
I've also just finished frocks from last week - I'm loving hot air balloons!! A little whimsical and alot of fun on any frock.I promise I'll clean up on Sunday - once markets are done for another month and all orders are shipped!!

Thanks Kirsty for hosting...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Etsy vs Made it

Has anyone else thought way too much about which site they should be focusing on to sell their wares??

I just can't help but think that Etsy is tooo big. There is just tooo much stuff and don't even get me started on currency conversion.... I know there are ways to play the Etsy game, but to be honest, I'm just too busy.

I think it's important when selling handmade goods to remember what your customers want. Just because as a maker you know how to buy and sell online, doesn't mean your customers do. Some of my friends do not buy handmade items online, they hadn't even heard about Etsy or Made it until I handed them my card and then couldn't understand why they couldn't change Etsy to local currency.

Anywho - I can't keep doubling up on my listing fees forever, so I've decided for now Made it will be my primary online shop. International buyers are obviously more than welcome to buy from this shop and will probably be pleasantly surprised by the value of their dollars to ours.
Tis all for now - will have more sewing goodness to talk about tomorrow :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

New cardigan

I'm a little obsessed with crocheting at the moment, not sure why.... I finished this ADORABLE cardigan on Saturday night. It's made with the most amazing luxury 4 ply wool in dark, dark purple and trimmed with the sweetest light pink with just a little frill across the bottom and on the cuffs.
I used the same wool to make Adele a bolero last month and this one is just as nice. It's made to fit a 0-3 month size and should be in my shop hopefully by the end of today.

Why is the photo sideways??? damn computers!

I guess I should also mention that I'm happy to discuss special orders for crocheting if you see something you like but want it in a specific size or colour :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My creative space

In my creative space today:

Half finished pinny's in light teal pinwale cord and super bright red drill - so bright your little one will never get lost!!

The most awesome brown vintage cord with sailboats!! It's so bad it's good. Picked up by my mum from her craft group for a whopping $1 per piece. I'm thinking boys winter happy pants with a gathered orange cuff - that's right, I said happy pants!!

Thanks Kirsty for hosting ... add your creative space link over here.

The question...

To sew or crochet?? That is the question...

I'm so excited to be participating in my first online swap - a pin cushion swap which Kate from Fox Lane has been so kind to organise.
Now I have my intended reciepients details, all I need to do is decide what to make. I've never made any crochet Amigurumi patterns and I think some of those designs would lend themselves to being lovely pin cushions. Hmmm lots to ponder....

In other news, I finished this devine little cardigan last night and just listed it in my shop. I've got so many new things to list, but it takes sooo much time to write about them all - anywho, they'll be a coming....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sewing, not studying

Now that I've handed in my first two assignments for the semester, I'm back doing what I love best - sewing!!

I've just finished a couple of adorable little girl outfits which as you can see, James was very happy to model for me today.
The top is a lovely paisley fabric in olive, teal and raspberry red with a contrast sash to give the it a little form.. The skirt is a classic denim with feature trim in the paisley and red fabric. I am in LOVE with this outfit. If only Adele were a little older I'd make her one...

Anywho they'll be in my shop with a few other treasures by the end of the week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boys can be ballerinas too!

Most of the time my kids do love trying on clothes for me. Although I think they mostly like dancing on the table, which is only allowed when trying on clothes for photos. As you may have noticed, I have two boys and a baby girl, so most of my girl toddler clothes are tried on my boys for sizing. This morning Ollie was a ballerina in his ballerina dress, otherwise known as a smock top. I managed to sneak in a little sewing late last night and whipped up this sample. I have some lovely olive, aqua and red paisley fabric singing out to become a little top.

I also finished off this adorable denim skirt. It has hand crocheted ric rac on it, which I saw on this blog. I think it's such a lovely detail on a classic wardrobe item for a little girl. I'll certainly be making a few more of these to sell.
What's that I hear you ask...??? What's baby Adele wearing today??Well we're onto our third outfit today and the quality of style has dropped dramatically since the first. We've dealt with a poo-nami and a puke explosion and now she wearing crumpled baby lounge pants made with Lecien fabric and aqua trim, matched with a hand-me-down pumpkin patch tee. Not very glamorous, we'll try to get a photo earlier next week :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studying, not sewing - boo!!

Unfortunately today I need to study, not sew. The boys are in care and I'm reading about some Russian guy in the 1920's that did something....

Regardless, it doesn't mean a complete absence of craftiness. Last night I finished the most adorable denim, bubble playsuit. I made it with a light, soft denim and used some super cute Kokka Trefle musical animal fabric across the yoke for a bit of fun. I think I'm going to work on resizing the pattern so Adele can wear one this winter with tights underneath.

Isn't James the most adorable model?? What will I do when he refuses for work for treaties??

I've also just finished the matinee jacket I mentioned earlier and I'm so happy with the result. If you've ever received one of these traditional jackets, then you'll know they are generally quite a generous fit, so I decided to make the bodice in a 0-3 month size and the rest in a 3-6 month size. With the 'give' in the work, I'm confident it'll fit Adele for quite a bit of this year.

The pants are a new creation, also for Adele - lovely super soft, stretchy denim pants with Anna Maria Horner trim. I'll definately make a few more of these to sell - so versatile and stylish!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two years today

My little James turned two today. He was a terror of a baby - really, REALLY difficult. But thankfully now he's a relatively easy toddler, just really, really loud (typical middle child).

Second birthday's are pretty easy, kids don't expect much. James got a big box of David's old matchbox cars, some dating back to the late 70's and tomorrow the cubby is getting a bit of a makeover. He also got to eat chocolate cake twice today and should get it again tomorrow. Needless to say he's quite happy.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids messenger bags

This week I've been sewing up daycare bags for the boys. They currently share one backpack and one lunchbox for daycare each week, which inevitably ends in a tousle to determine who carries what. This cool little messenger bag should fit lunch, a drink, a hat, a change of clothes or nappy and some sunscreen - perfect for pre-schoolers. I may even make a few for the markets....

Sadly after making the first one, I realised that the batch of denim I had used was running - badly. So have washed it once (and destroyed a few baby clothes!!) and am planning to wash it again tomorrow.

So a question to all the sewers - do you pre-wash denim? How do you set the colour to prevent it from running??

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do you remember this?

Can you believe James is turning two on Saturday?? In preparation, on Monday out came the Womans Weekly cake book. The boys have been pouring over it all week picking the cake they want this weekend, which at the moment is every cake but the mermaid - 'cus she's scary'. The one thing we have determined is that it needs to be chocolate.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesdays

What is baby Adele wearing today??

Part of the enjoyment of having a little girl after two boys is getting to dress them in some of the more adorable things you make. Boys are super cool and can also wear super cool clothes, but a change is so, so nice!!

I think I'll start displaying Adele's extensive wardrobe to you every wednesday - also so you can see some of my super cool creations on an adorable living model.

Today Adele is wearing an Oliver & S bubble dress in Amy Butler linen poppies fabric. I made a second Oliver & S bubble dress for her, but we still have not yet worn it and will shortly no longer fit which is why it's in my shop.

My items will be added to my shop this week, so stay tuned!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gotta love free art

I'm loving the free art for Feb 2010 on Feed Your Soul

And the good thing is it's in my budget!!