Monday, December 6, 2010

The project ahead....

So this is my new l.o.n.g term project that I anticipate should take about two years to complete.
It's a lovely crochet blanket that I've been wanting to make since I first saw it over a year ago. This particular blanket is called flowers in the snow and the pattern can be found here.

Here's the stash of wool that I will be making it with.
All from Bendigo Woollen Mills, purchased recently on sale. Most are Luxury, but some Classic and Silky Supreme too.

I took a short break from bonnets last night to try to pattern out and I'm quite happy with how easy and quick it is. Despite how quick it was to work these little rounds, I'm still anticipating that this project will take forever to do. I'd love it to be a queen bed blanket, but after measuring my first square at 9cms, I think I'll need about 400 for a queen size. So now I think it may be a couch blanket instead.

I was speaking to my Aunty Margaret about this blanket just last week. I told her that I anticipated it would take me 2 years to complete, she thinks it will take me 5. We'll see though. I'm so bloody stubborn I'll probably try to finish it in a few months just to prove her wrong! Please - if I become too obsessive about this TELL ME and if you are close by smack me with something! You all know how obsessive I can be!

Project details are ravelled here.

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  1. Oh that is so fabulous. I just bought a load of bendigo wool at the sale to make a blanket for my daughter... but I can't start until I finish my son's. Perhaps I'll use this pattern - I like how you join as you go. I think that will be satisfying.


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