Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New things

I think I feel a new product might be coming in the new year.
I'm still tweaking the pattern, but it's getting there.

Can't leave out the boys right?

I have far too much Christmas sewing to do this week. It's kinda making me regret all my selfish sewing these past two weeks.

I'm also still waiting for fabric from Hawthorne Threads. I'm starting to worry!


  1. Very Cute!!!
    I think my Christmas sewing is finally done (I am accepting that Layla won't be getting a handmade Santa Sack until her 4th Christmas).
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Cool hat's! I love them. I hope the fabric arrives soon. Prob the mail is just a bit slow at the moment.

  3. These hats are cool, kinda cross between baker boy and military cap. Can you contact Hawthorne Threads to track your parcel? You'd think Xmas post would speed things up but then it could also cause more chaos and slow things down.


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