Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good friends = awesome new bonnet!

Can you believe I've run out of bonnet fabric? Don't get me wrong, I have bucket loads of fabric in my stash, but there are particular styles and types that people want. $2 Spotlight voile's do not belong on bonnets!

Then this very generous friend offered to let me 'shop' in her stash and look what I found!!!

Yes - it is Wonderland by MoMo fabric!!

Every time I make a new style of bonnet I claim it to be my new favourite. Well this one definitely is and I've made one especially for Adele.
 I've matched it with another new favourite fabric by Kate Spain from her Fandango line.

There are only a few bonnets available in this precious fabric combination, so if it takes you fancy please let me know soon.
This is Adele's new cool trick. She busts this move quite a bit at the moment and it's hilarious - head down, foot up and freeze!
Now - back to stalking the postman, waiting for deliveries Hawthorne threads.


  1. Love it, like a crash proof hard helmet kind of sweet bonnet for girls who like to breakdance!! Adorable, love Posie

  2. I love it! the blue lining looks perfect with the Momo. I hope you fabric arrived!


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