Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas wrap up.

Christmas went well in the little betty house. Very hectic and very tiring, but it's over again for another year - phew!
Notice all the decorations missing from the bottom of the tree?? Someone slowly destroyed them all.

Adele was very lucky to receive a little betty bonnet this Christmas. As you may have guessed it was made with my new, super favourite, fabric combination - Wonderland by MoMo and Kate Spain's Fandango.

The husband helped her open this gift and placed it on her head saying, "This is the right way right?"
Ummm no. But I know he was messing with me.

Here's James in his new little cap by little betty.
And Ollie in his. This smile is way too big!
I hope you all had a very indulgent and enjoyable Christmas.

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  1. Cute photos! We had that very same problem with decorations missing from the bottom of the tree - cheeky!


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