Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tutorial fun

How lovely is it when people send you pictures of their creations based on your tutorial or pattern??!!??

Well let me tell you, it feels so good!

Here we see little Elva wearing a skirt over bloomers based on my tutorial.
This and the baby sunsuit tutorial are still the most popular pages on the little betty blog.

I'm planning another soon which  will also be awesome. I just need the time to write it all down.
I've been painting today. The first coat of oil based gloss in the upstairs space at my house - 8 windows and 1 door. Nine hours straight with a paint brush, my nostrils feel permanently damaged. Hard work!!!

I also got a quote today to have plantation shutters installed in that space, but they are a little too much for our budget right now. Plantation shutters aren't cool anymore are they??? Make me feel better, they are passe right?

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  1. Why don't you set up a Flickr group for your various tutorials. I like going through them to see what others have created from the same pattern.


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