Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

In my creative space today there is a lot of planning and thinking. After completing my new top with fully matched fabric, I needed a little rest last night to ponder my next move. (The pattern review is now here - 12 comments already - wow!!).

I'm thinking I will make another summer cami with some Anna Maria Horner voile (yep - again my favourite fabric designer and don't get me started on her new Innocent Crush voile!! I'm currently stalking Hawthorne Threads waiting for the whole collection to become available.....). Thankfully this cami will require no fabric matching, so it should come together quickly. I might trace and cut the fabric today.
I also have a stack of projects that have been patiently waiting for my time. This includes this cool retro Don chair given to me by my Nana. I'm planning on re-upholstering it before Christmas, probably in a bold citron-like shade, like one of these Warwick fabrics.

This chair is super comfy, so I'm hoping the husband will let me put it in the lounge room in place of his ugly dad chair - you know a black leather recliner (eeewwwww!) that he HAD to have at the time, that he rarely sits in! Does anyone else have an eyesore like this in their living room?

I also have this super sweet bedroom chair that I picked up off the side of the road - how cool!! I'm thinking I'll keep it in Adele's room. Not sure what to cover it in though and I'm not sure how hard/easy it'll be with that fan back. Might need to research a bit first.
Then there's this retro mirror that I picked up at the Op Shop. I'm thinking I'll paint it to hang above our hall table. Probably a gold/orange shade, or maybe white. I think I'll look through a few editions of Real Living to get some colour inspiration.
Lastly there's this super cool retro rocking horse 'Sandy'. I picked this up at a local fete. I had dreams of it sitting in the corner of a room looking cool. You know so I too could have one of those industrial, retro, shabby homes that you see in Inside Out or Real Living??? But who am I kidding! I have three kids and they want to actually sit in it and ride and it's probably not quite up to that type of punishment, so it'll probably (unfortunately) go on Ebay soon.... boo!
And how could I forget painting the blue walls upstairs!! As you can see in these photos, the previous owners of this house had very, very bad taste in paint colour! The husband has decided that on my two child-free days each week, I should now be painting upstairs!! I probably will, just so it gets done, but I'm not sure how much painting I'll do on those days vs how much sewing I'll do....

Oh and then there are the bonnets that are on order or the new designs waiting to be made... how on earth will I find the time??
Lastly, Ollie turns 4 today. He's such a big boy now. Here he is this morning with his new Toy Story toys. It's going to be a very Toy Story day I think.

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  1. It looks like you have a lot of fun ahead with all of the projects you are planning. I love covering chairs and giving them a lift.

  2. Your place sounds so much like mine. I have a whole house to paint, sewing to do and too many pieces of furniture to restore! Good luck.

  3. How did I forget it was Ollie's birthday! The top is going to be awesome, I have that same fabric. Can't wait to see all the furniture restoration results.

  4. I love that rocking horse! And the first chair looks so comfy. Life would be boring if we just did one thing at a time. Hope Ollie had a great birthday - my mister will be 4 in January - love his icecream cake!

  5. I love that cami top pattern, might go and hunt one down on Monday.
    Great idea ith the cake too :)


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