Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Creative Space...

In my creative space today - a demonstration.

How far can a half yard cut of fabric go??

Sometimes when you REALLY love a fabric, you really can maximise it's use, but with garment making this can be tricky. Quilters can use small bits of fabric, but garments take more. When I purchased my awesome Anna Maria Horner fabric from Quilt Home for my soon to be completed awesome Socialite dress, I took advantage of paying for a flat rate envelop and filled every last millimeter with as much fabric as they would let me buy - as you do.

In my selection of random fabrics was this cool Joel Dewberry fabric, it's from his newish Modern Meadown collection.
I must say I didn't think too much about it when I included it in my cart, but when it arrived I was taken! The lovely violet/berry colour looks lovely with the stone and leaf green colour (sorry I'm not too good at describing colours!)

I only received the fabric about a week ago, but already it's gone - used on three items and all look pretty darn good if a do say so myself.

First - this skirt I blogged about a couple of days ago. Here the fabric was used for the waistband facing, tab facing and hem facing - just a small hint of colour on an otherwise plain skirt.

Second - I made this adorable little blouse for Adele. I made a similar one for her with some Jennifer Pagaletti fabric which arrived in the same shipment. This is just a simple little design, but so so adorable.

It buttons down the back and has the most adorable trim around the sleeves.
Third - Another item for Adele. I little dress from my new favourite  issue of Ottobre, Spring 1/2008.

This little linen dress is just sooo soooo devine! It's still a bit big for my tiny little girl, but will definately fit her this summer.
So there - three garments using fabric from the same half yard cut of one fabric and what's left???
Just this small scrap..... surely I can find something to use this on!

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Lastly, a pic of the kids from this morning for the family....


  1. I do the same thing with my fabric. I hate to throw away even the tiniest little scrap and make up projects so I can use each bit. Love the linen dress, just beautiful.

  2. The linen dress is just divine! I like to try and get as much out of the fabric I buy as well - especially beautiful ones like that.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment too :)

  3. Wow - everything is lovely. You've made that fabric go so far. Very inspiring.

  4. Love the little dress. What to make with the remaining fabric?....maybe you could use it for self covered buttons. I too NEVER throw away scrap pieces of fabric

  5. You have done wonders with that fabric! That skirt looks so chic and that dress for your gorgeous little one is beautiful...might need to check out that mag. Hope you have a super weekend :)


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