Friday, July 16, 2010

More baby clothes.

This new blouse for Adele was finished last night. All it needed was buttons and a few hand stitches, which I was able to do while watching 'How I met your mother' (the most seriously under-rated show on the planet!).

The great thing about this little top is that I can put it over some of our 'not so nice' hand-me-down onesies to hide their super stretched necklines.
This design is from my new favourite Ottobre magazine, a back issue, Spring 2008.

Until recently this issue was sold out and completely unable to find anywhere. Thankfully the peeps at Ottobre must have realised people still wanted it and reprinted it a couple of months ago.

(Note: if you know someone who subscribes to Ottobre they can order back issues and pay no postage. It's not too often you get free postage on anything esp from so far away. This mag only cost about $13 because of this)
Here's the pattern page I've worked from and the fabrics that I chose to use. The blue spotty fabric is a Valorie Wells pattern. I'm yet to make the pants but do have some lovely pink corduroy, which is pictured, that I picked up from cheap fabric shop for $3 per meter. I bought about 4 meters, so Adele will have a dress made from it every year for at least the next 4 years!!

Here is the dress with the blouse as shown in Ottobre, I think it looks pretty good together, so good that we will be wearing this to the park today.

Now with all this girl sewing, you'll be pleased to hear that I do have a bunch of boy sewing in queue. In particular, these cute pants from the same Ottobre magazine.

They are a slim cut, with faux tab pockets and have a side zipper. I went to the op shop on Wednesday to pick up some zippers, so now I need to order some fabric.  I really want to make them with some of this Riley Blake fabric.

Yes it's super wild, but my boys are still young enough to pull it off and probably think they are super awesome. Anyway, I'm nearing the end of my paypal money, so should probably put in an order soon...


  1. Oh! Want want want WANT one of those GORGEOUS dresses for Isobel!!!!!! Divine! When you have finished everything else (July 2023) could I place an order for one for summer?

    You are so clever, and I am thrilled to be able to check your blog again each morning with my coffee (the luxury of being in an office and not wiping up weetbix).

    C xx

  2. Cute I love the idea of those pants with the car fabric... Awesome, they are cool boys and could totally pull it off. As always Adele's tunic is adorable.

  3. Oh gorgeous - I love that issue and have made all those patterns! The slim fit pants are great - I have made two and now need another pair for DS.


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