Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Looking to the future - my wardrobe plans

Following on from yesterday's post regarding my recent progress in sewing a new wardrobe for summer, today I'll outline some of my plans which will hopefully provide some wearable results. I don't know if all of this will be made, but if I make just a portion I'll be in a better position than I currently am.

Now I know I whined a little in my last post about my lack of funds to buy a new wardrobe. So most of these plans will be made with my existing patterns and fabric. When new or specific fabric is required for a pattern in all liklihood it will be purchased with a secret stash of funds I've accumulated over the past month or so. Heard of my pal called pay?? Yeah yeah of course you have, but my husband doesn't get it.  I've not been spending any of the money I've accumulated in paypal for a while now, so have a decent stash which will be used exclusively for buying fabric - yay!! I just need to plan all of my purchases as much as possible so I can maximise its value. This is probably also why I need to write my plans, so I don't waste any purchase.

Anyway, here's my current plan or wishlist!!

Echino A-Line skirt

You just just can't deny how flattering and wearable A-Line skirts are can you? So taking inspiration from here I'm hoping to make myself a simple skirt in Echino linen cotton blend fabric. I'll need to buy fabric for this, but this fabric design is still available at a few places and they do take paypal. This fabric is particularly nice as it has a dark base colour, which is just soooo much more practical and wearable than white base colours. 
The patterns options I have are New Look 6274, which I've had for a while and has been used a bit or this other skirt from an old Burda magazine... not sure if the busy fabric will need a waisband with belt loops though, so I might stick to the New Look pattern.

Built by Wendy tee (Simplicity 3835)

Moving on from this dress disaster outlined yesterday, I'm keen to use this pattern and make something wearable.
I love how the pattern is used here and would love to use a lightweight double gauze like this Nani Iro fabric, but it's super exey. I might try to make it first out of something in my stash before I outlay big funds on this swanky fabric.

Built by Wendy pants (Simplicity 3850)

Now I've never made myself a pair of pants, but I guess there's no time like the present to try. This pattern was bought recently for 50% off and I think the style will work for me, they have slash pockets, faux tab pockets at the back and a slim cut leg.
The fabric I have set aside is a linen cotton blend in a brown/charcoal colour with a bit of a lighter colour texture to it. I purchased the fabric from a cheap store for $4 per meter, I just need to pick up a zipper. As all of  my sewing plans are dresses, skirts or tops, lets hope this one works so I can wear pants occasionally if I need!

The floaty dress (Simplicity 2360)

Now I don't have this pattern yet and there are no reviews yet to check if it's OK, but I just love it!

I'm waiting for it to go on sale to buy it, but already I have the fabric set aside for it. It's a lovely lightweight textured black cotton which I picked up for $2 per meter. I'm not going to post a picture of the black cotton, cus that's just dumb. Once Simplicity patterns go on sale, this dress will be on the top of the list!!

The summer kaftan (New Look 6803)

This pattern of mine has been used and used. I originally made a bunch of maternity tops with view A cut down to a top and modified the front pleats from 3 large to 6 small ones which reduced builk at the front.
Now I'd love to make this Make It Perfect Kaftan in the fabric they use, but again, funds for a new patterns are tight, so I'm going to make do with what I have.
I'm going to try to make view D and keep the sleeves a little more trim and the hem shorter. I already have some voile set aside for this project, which is pictured, but this project isn't not too high on my list of priorities, so we might not hear about it for a while.

The summer dress (New Look 6803 as above)

Like I said I've used this pattern before and this time I'd like to make the view A as a dress. Not sure what fabric, but I'm scouting online for a quilting weight cotton with a dark base colour. I'll keep you posted.

Cynthia Rowley Tunic (Simplicity 2586)

I'm hoping to make view D. Again I'm not sure of the fabric, but hopefully I'll find something cool in my travels. As it's a pretty simple tunic with a gathered neck, it'll probably look OK in a bold, bright fabric. I might even use some of that aqua voile pictured, but not sure yet.

The other patterns pictured are just some of the ones I have lying around, not sure if they'll get used, but i'll keep them out just incase I get some inspiration.

Project Runway shift (Simplicity 2725)

Now this is a pretty simple shift dress with a few decorative options for the sewer to choose. I'm probably a little too conservative to choose a neck flouce or collar, so plan to make the plain shift with cap sleeves.

Hindsight tells me a should have used my black denim from the disaster dress to make this, but I didn't. I think I'll still try to make it out of a really nice stretch denim like the disaster dress, but will hold off buying the fabric until I've knocked some of these projects off my list

So wrapping up, my plans include:
 - 1 pair of pants
 - 1 skirt
 - 3 dresses
 - 3 tops

I actaully don't think that's too much. None of the patterns are terribly difficult, so hopefully we'll see some results soon...

Oh and I mustn't forget the Socialite dress in my super swanky Anna Maria Horner fabric. I'll hopefully pop the fabric in the wash later today...


  1. Love all the patterns! Can you make up my wardrobe too? Lol :o)

  2. Nice patterns, but are the fabrics going to need ironing every time you wash them? I have a couple of Echino fabrics I bought last year, not sure what I'm going to do with them. There just might be enough to make things for Scarlett. Hey, I didn't quite get why the "disaster dress" was a disaster?

    Oh, and I had a cuppa today...

    dxx :-)

  3. Thanks for the reminder of how much fun making our own clothes really is.
    Love the pattterns you have shown, they would suit my body type.


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