Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabric love... always!

Part of being a sewer is always wanting fabric. It doesn't matter how much fabric you have, you generally could always do with more. I just received a nice shipment of fabric and haven't even cut into it, but am still dreaming of my next purchase. I'm particularly in love with the Matisse range of fabric by Alexander Henry

I just love, love, love both of these prints - the colours, the design, everything! I even know a thing or two about Matisse thanks to those two arts subjects I had to do earlier this year and that hasn't turned me off!

Thankfully this range isn't available until September, giving me a good few months to try to use the fabric I've just received before trying to buy this. If I can snare some of this when it's released I'm sure I could make a couple of awesome dresses.....

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  1. Lovely vintage florals... What kind of dresses do you think you'll make? They'll be gorgeous.


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