Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy week, but still found time...

This week has been exceptionally busy!!

I started uni this week, my day care lady is on holidays - so no kid free time, husband got a new job, husband got walked from old job, mother in law in hospital again, rain, rain, rain, three hour blackout on Wednesday and just regular life with three little kiddies. But I've made it so far and am still here.

There has been a little creativity on the side too - I finished this dress on Tuesday night.

It was really simple and I love it. It is from Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern 2586. I made view A with a little length in the hem rather than the ruffle. It's made with a light weight black textured cotton, which is quite plain, but I think I might use some of my wilder fabric, like the picutred Anna Maria Horner fabric, to make a belt.

Hopefully I'll steal a few moments today to get to Spotlight for some supplies - maybe some belt rings, a zipper for some new stretch linen shorts I'm planning, some buttons for the pants I finished two weeks ago and possibly some circular knitting needles (if I don't find any at the Op Shop).

I've also caved and bought a pattern that I've wanted since it's release and have begun making a new summer top.

This is actaully a test kaftan, which I'm making with some super light voile from Spotlight. I have some posh new fabric from the US including this awesome Anna Maria Horner voile which is set aside for my second kaftan should the first turn out!.

Bring on Summer!!

Now for the familiy:
Olllie dressed himself yesterday and specifically chose to wear this hat back to front.

James asleep on the lounge.

And cute little Adele.


  1. That dress looks utterly gorgeous. I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets too. Everything you make, I want to make too! (Sadly I have neither the figure nor the sewing technique for clothesmaking. Yet. On both counts.)

  2. I too am a sucker for pockets, your dress looks fantastic! Well done (even just the fact you had time to sit down and make it is impressive).

    I love the picture of James sleeping on the lounge!


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