Sunday, June 6, 2010

When daddy dresses the babe....

Sometimes they don't get the order of clothes right.

You'd think that by baby no.3 he'd have these small details sorted right??

Despite the rain, there has been alot more necessary crafting this past week. Baby tights were high on the list as I've been having trouble keeping socks on little Adele. If she doesn't take them off then the boys do. The ones pictured above were made with a piece of thrifted jersey. I roughly followed a pattern by Made by Rae, but added alot more length and a little more width as the fabric didn't stretch as much as it probably should have.
Here's another pair which are a little too snug. James once again, providing a few challenges while trying to take photos for this blog... 
And some new booties which I hoped would stay on, but they can also be removed by the babe... sigh... doesn't she know the work and thought I put into these things??? I think I'm going to try to make her some felted boots next, hopefully they will stay on.


  1. Love the tights! And the booties! It's so sad when they learn to pull things off!

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