Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Op shop gold!!

Unfortunately I'm bogged down doing homework again. But to reward myself for finishing one assignment, Adele and I treated ourselves to a trip to the local Op shop and were surprised to find a 50% off sale - yippee!!
Better yet we scored some awesome treasure including the Readers Digest complete guide to sewing and to needlecraft - both are perfect references to keep (a friend recently purchased the complete guide to sewing for $30, so my $1 version is looking like a mighty fine purchase!!)

I also got a funny old 'Good Housekeeping' book about home freezing, which if it's useful may mean more frozen home cooked meals this winter and more sewing time for me.
Naturally no trip to the op shop would be complete without getting a few vintage patterns and pieces of linen. I love these jackets and the house coats, which I'll hopefully find the time to make for Ollie and James this winter.

OK, that's enough procrastinating now, I must start reading about baroque art again...


  1. I think my Mum has the needlecraft one as well. Good old classics, I don't think you will be disappointed.

  2. ooh great op shop finds. I really need to check out you local oppies next time I'm near you.


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