Saturday, April 3, 2010

New pants, new do

So I've been sneaking a little sewing in at night time. I've half finished my orders, but thought I needed to make something for the boys, it has been a while...

These new pants are so awesome I could cry!! I modified my pattern for Oliver as he's such a skinny minny. I've trimmed them, lowered the rise a little and deepened the pockets. They are made out of an awesome inky blue black cord and trimmed with an Anna Maria Horner olive and orange dot fabric. Now while I love a novelty trim on kids clothes to give them an element of fun, I don't think it's always necessary and this clash of colours is super cool. I have about 4 more pairs of pants cut out for the boys which I hope to finish sometime soon, though this week's sewing time is being allocated to homework again - two more assignments due next Monday - boo!! I also took the boys to get their hair tidied up this week and came home with James looking like this...
I asked for a trim.... oh well. I think it was time for him to start looking like a little boy anyway.

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  1. wow James looks so cute, his hair is too short for hairclips though. Love Ollie pants. I think Cadel is skinny too I measured him yesterday and he measured a size 2 accoding to Burda style, will have to compare.


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