Thursday, April 29, 2010

My creative space

This week it's about getting cracking on orders and finishing some older projects.

Since seeing these awesome crochet goodies here, I've decided to have a go at making Adele some overalls. Basically, I'm winging my way through making some pants, then will add a bib and straps. These will by no means be as fancy as the Teeny Tiny ones, but should be nice for winter. What you can see here is a waist band and the top of the pants, legs should follow soon.
The cardigan shown a few weeks ago here, is now more unfinished than before. My lovely first child decided to unravel it early one morning. I'm determined to finish this within the week.... hopefully

I'm also working on finishing a few more boys pocket pants...

And this new green dress is a recent distraction. Do you find that when you have orders banked up, it's even easier to find new things to do?? I found this awesome green cord at Spotlight yesterday and it was singing out to me. This dress was knocked up last night, hopefullly it'll also be finished tonight, just needs buttons and a big kangaroo pocket like my other recent designs .

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  1. Oh I hear you... distractions distractions distractions!!!
    Great dress. I'm really loving green at the moment.

  2. LOL, there seems to be a very common theme running through the Creative Space players today. I know exactly how you feel. I had to fight to resist the urge to sew stuff for my kids today because I've got a market to sew for on Sunday. It's always more fun when you don't have to do it!!

  3. Your little dress is so lovely...and I know the pain of a rogue unraveller well!! Only it takes me far longer to get back to where I was up to...slow knitting syndrome. Hope you have a happy and sunny weekend :)

  4. Love the green pinny with its pretty lining. Arrgh I think there would be some harsh words if H started unravelling my very slow knitting.

  5. Hi Christy, you have had a productive month. Just found your blog very inspiring! see you at Brown Owls.

  6. Oh no! I had a jumper almost knitted about two years ago and one of my lovelies unravelled it. It is still unfinished in the cupboard. Lost all motivation to get it done after that.


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