Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm no so cool

I've never thought I was particularly cool, but today I've re-affirmed I am indeed, not cool at all. What brought on this realisation you ask?? Well I went out shopping for jeans. When did this become such a difficult task? I walked around to almost every shop with no success - everything is too low, tight, skinny or shiny. Alternatively, the music is too loud or too irritating or the pram with sleeping babe won't fit through the store....

I came home without jeans, but did impulse buy some bed linen that I've been coveting since, well, forever! And in an extremely out of character move for me, it wasn't even on sale!!!
It's a classic Orla Kiely print set which is in my colours! It was made for me and now it's mine - yay!!

Hopefullly it'll be on my bed by the end of tomorrow.


  1. Try jeans at 'Crossroads'!! They are great and cheap! :)

  2. I just discovered embody jeans. They're probably twice as much as I would of normally paid. But they are the best fit, so comfy! I live in mine and have had so many compliments.


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