Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Myrtle the Turtle

Originally uploaded by little betty designs
Hooray!! My pin cushion partner, Cam from Curly Pops, received her little helper and she likes it!!

I must say I've really enjoyed crocheting the little fella and the boys loved it so much they requested their own little friends.

Heres Ollie having one final play before it went in the post.

I loosely followed this pattern and worked with 4ply cotton from the Bendigo Woolen Mills.

Thanks again Kate for organising the swap.


  1. I absolutely love little Myrtle the Turtle. Thank you so so so much! Your crochet skills are truly amazing.
    I definitely think that Myrtle needs a twin to keep the kiddies entertained.

  2. Great pincushion Christy.
    I am exhausted just reading your blog, you are one busy and very clever mum.
    Whoopie pies,sound interesting, must visit Martha to see exactly what they are,.
    Have a great weekend.


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