Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studying, not sewing - boo!!

Unfortunately today I need to study, not sew. The boys are in care and I'm reading about some Russian guy in the 1920's that did something....

Regardless, it doesn't mean a complete absence of craftiness. Last night I finished the most adorable denim, bubble playsuit. I made it with a light, soft denim and used some super cute Kokka Trefle musical animal fabric across the yoke for a bit of fun. I think I'm going to work on resizing the pattern so Adele can wear one this winter with tights underneath.

Isn't James the most adorable model?? What will I do when he refuses for work for treaties??

I've also just finished the matinee jacket I mentioned earlier and I'm so happy with the result. If you've ever received one of these traditional jackets, then you'll know they are generally quite a generous fit, so I decided to make the bodice in a 0-3 month size and the rest in a 3-6 month size. With the 'give' in the work, I'm confident it'll fit Adele for quite a bit of this year.

The pants are a new creation, also for Adele - lovely super soft, stretchy denim pants with Anna Maria Horner trim. I'll definately make a few more of these to sell - so versatile and stylish!

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  1. Love the playsuit and the jeans... James is an adorable model... so cute with the hairclip in his hair


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