Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Adele started to get cranky at dinner time recently. We thought initially it was just a typical 'witching hour' whinge and ignored it. But the other day I gave her a piece of zucchini and she wolfed it down. The next day a piece of tomatoe, again the same results. I know this is a slightly unconventional start to solids, but the rules do change with baby no. 3.

She LOVES food, especially when she can feed herself. She's only 5 months old, so we are taking it slow, but it's hard to ignore that this is what she wants.This is breakfast this morning. Just a plain piece of bread, which she's demolishing. It's so funny to watch, she's so tiny!

I stayed up way too late last night sewing up orders from the weekend, including two new smock sets. I ran out of my awesome paisley fabric, but these two look equally nice.They'll be shipped off to new homes this weekend. I think one little girl needs hers for a party on Sunday.


  1. Oh what a cutie Adele is demolishing that bread... classic. Love the new paisley sets. Sorely needed your help this morn at spotlight trying to choose fabric for a top for me!

  2. oh man, so cute (baby and the clothes, but especially the baby :)

  3. I love that photo of your baby. She looks so pleased with herelf. We threw away the rule book for our third too. Hope you are having a great weekend. X


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