Friday, March 5, 2010

Kids messenger bags

This week I've been sewing up daycare bags for the boys. They currently share one backpack and one lunchbox for daycare each week, which inevitably ends in a tousle to determine who carries what. This cool little messenger bag should fit lunch, a drink, a hat, a change of clothes or nappy and some sunscreen - perfect for pre-schoolers. I may even make a few for the markets....

Sadly after making the first one, I realised that the batch of denim I had used was running - badly. So have washed it once (and destroyed a few baby clothes!!) and am planning to wash it again tomorrow.

So a question to all the sewers - do you pre-wash denim? How do you set the colour to prevent it from running??


  1. I just got this sample in the BHG mag this month that is some form of colour catcher so stops the colour running in the wash. I'll check what it is called, perhaps this is worth a try.

  2. Love that messenger bag - too cool!

    Glad you liked the On-the-Go Art Satchels too, thanks for commenting :)

  3. Hey, I think you can simply wash in cold water and vinegar to set colour. dxx


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